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"The $689 Pre-Holiday 2 Room Special":

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"The $689 Pre-Holiday 2 Room Special" Not So Fine Print:

What IS included:

  •  up to 3 gallons of Dulux Lifemaster paint ($240 value)

  • 2 full coats on walls, baseboards, door trim and window trim ($500 value)

  • 1 door face ($35 value)

  • minor preparation -  prep, sanding, caulking ($135 value)

  • Max. room sizes - 12' x 12' (flexible)

  • Two year guarantee on all workmanship.

  • Project must be booked by December 1st, 2023

What's NOT included:

  • ceilings, crown moulding, closets and doors

  • wallpaper removal, furniture moving, major repairs

  • Deep colours may require extra coats and cost.

  • taxes (HST)

  • offer is as is; cannot be broken down into separate parts

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