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Top Ceiling Painting Tips

How The Right Paint Colour Can Improve The Look And Feel Of A Room

Painting a ceiling can drastically change the appearance of a room depending on the colour you choose. But before you pull out the brushes, there are a few factors to consider when you’re choosing a paint colour. The first and most important factor is your desired atmosphere for the room. Do you want the room to be bright and open or warm and cozy? Are you trying to change the feel of a room by making the ceilings look higher or lower?

Once you decide on a desired look and feel for the room, the size, lighting, and wall colours will influence the final chosen colour for the ceiling. Painting contractors come in handy when choosing colours and when it comes time to paint your ceiling. It’s a job that is best left for the pros.

Here are more factors to consider when choosing a paint colour for your ceiling:

White vs. Colour

White ceilings are the safe way to go when you’re unsure of a colour, you want the ceilings to appear higher, or you want to accentuate the colour of the walls. White ceilings also draw attention to the art and décor of a room. But, if you’re in for a change, giving your ceiling an updated colour will add energy and alter the whole look of the room.

Light vs. Dark Colours

Light colours open up the room and give an airy feel to it. The natural light that comes in throughout the day will add to the brightness of the room. Light colours also make ceilings appear higher, while dark colours tend to enclose the room. If you’re going for a cozy, warm atmosphere, darker ceilings can give you that effect.

Similar vs. Contrasting Colours

Matching your ceiling and wall colours will add to the sense of closeness and coziness, regardless of their shared colour. It will also accentuate the décor in the room. You can choose a lighter shade for the ceiling if you want to keep a similar colour without completely enclosing the room.

Contrasting colours will change the feel of the room and give it energy. Contrasting colours can bring attention to the décor, architecture, or ceiling height. Once again, you can make the room appear open, cool, comforting, and/or warm depending on the colours you choose.

Consulting with painting contractors before painting your ceiling is a good idea, especially if you’re unsure of how the paint colour will affect the appearance of your room.

Painting contractors have seen it all, and will provide professional advice and service to give your home a new look.

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