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Wallpaper And Paint, Together At Last

Inspiration For Combining Both Options For Beautiful Designs

Wallpaper isn’t too common these days, stuck with an outdated reputation as tacky or stuffy. That’s not even mentioning how hard it used to be to apply and remove. Recently, though, wallpaper is making a grand comeback with modern style and, more importantly, easier application and removal.

You might think that a room fully coated in wallpaper would look too cramped and busy, while on the other hand, a room that has paint alone may look flat and boring. It may surprise you to learn that combining the two has opened the door to creating eclectic and modern looks.

There are many ways to successfully pair wallpaper and paint, many of which can be provided by interior painting services. Here are a few ideas to get your interior design ball rolling.

Half and Half

This option is more popular for smaller bathrooms, but can be pulled off in larger rooms as well. By installing trim at the midpoint along all four walls, you can have paint on the top half of the room and wallpaper on the bottom – or vice versa. It’s a simple yet aesthetically pleasing way to add a fun or intricate print without leaving the room feeling small and closed in. It’s a lot easier on the eyes, too!

Block It Off

This option also uses trim, but in a much more creative way. There are many options on how to place and style the trim, but the base of this look is to create borders around pieces of wallpaper almost as if you were hanging a large art piece. You can choose to make the trim a separate colour from the wall, but matching the trim with the walls gives this design a seamless, textured look that adds a little artistry to any room in your home.

Accent Walls

Using wallpaper to create an accent wall inside a room is the most common wallpaper and paint combination. It is the easiest to do, and the most fun to colour coordinate. It’s a great and cost-effective way to get the best of both worlds while keeping things simple. The one fully wallpapered wall turns into a statement piece all on its own, and can bring out a little quirkiness and style in an otherwise plain room.

Interior painting services in Ottawa are willing and able to bring your interior design dreams to life. The key to achieving any one of these looks is clean, proper application. Combining wallpaper and paint is a great way to break up a flat-looking room, without making it look dated or too busy.

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