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The Ideal Exterior Painting Temperatures

Exterior Painting

Axcell Painting recommends a minimum outdoor daytime temperature of at least 10˚C (50˚F) when you’re planning painting your home’s exterior. The temperature, especially at night, should not drop below 0˚C (32˚F) for a few days after painting. Keep an eye on the forecast when you’re planning your painting job. Look for moderate temperatures overnight and dry days; if possible, try and plan for sunny weather. As challenging as it can be as winter starts to set in, painting is still possible—but try and avoid putting it off that long! Moderate temperatures give the paint a chance to truly dry and set on a surface. Don’t risk a poor paint job—hire exterior painting contractors to get the job done in no time in warmer weather. A good exterior paint job should last your home a while, so avoid the need to repaint sooner than later. Plan your exterior painting around the weather to avoid damage to the paint, especially from below-freezing temperatures. If you are worried about the weather, exterior painting contractors will help you plan for the ideal painting day, while considering both the daytime and nighttime temperatures for several days after the scheduled painting service. These contractors pride themselves in their work just as you pride yourself in your home, so they also won’t want to risk painting if it’s too cold.

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