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Top Interior Painting Mistakes

Common Mistakes Made on Interior Paint Jobs, and How to Fix Them

Many people rush their interior painting job – maybe it’s the inconvenience of putting the use of a room on hold, or having to take off work to get it done – and rushing leads to mistakes. Although hiring painting contractors is almost always the best choice for getting your paint job right the first time, our professionals have gathered a few quick fixes for correcting common mistakes made on a rush job:

Paint drips

At some point during an interior painting job, it’s likely you have put too much paint on the roller or inconsistently spread paint on the wall. The drips caused by these mistakes may not be noticeable until the paint has dried, and at that point it may seem too late to fix the error. Luckily there is an easy solution: use a fine-grade sandpaper to remove the drips and then clean the area thoroughly. You can then go over the drip-free area with paint and primer. No one will ever know!

Wall stains

Typically indicative of improper priming, you fortunately don’t need to sand any paint off to fix a stain. Simply brush some stain-blocker over the affected areas and paint over it once it has dried. You may want to bring in painting contractors if you notice your walls are easily stained. The professionals should be able to identify the cause of your stains and recommend a course of action if there’s a larger issue at hand (like mildew).

Tape tears

If you started removing your painter’s tape and tear off some of the new paint in the process, have no fear! Maybe you waited too long to take the tape off, or maybe the room was too warm and the tape fused to the paint. Either way, the solution is simple for this interior painting mistake: just use a sharp blade to cut the tape away from the lifting paint, then sand, clean, prime and paint until the area is covered.

Carpet spills

Maybe you forgot to put down a drop cloth, or maybe it just shifted throughout the day and exposed some of your carpet. Either way, if your carpet is exposed to a paint spill you need to soak up as much of the paint as possible before it dries. A clean, dry sponge will collect much of the paint and a scraper can do the rest. Gentle dish detergent can be used to clean out any remaining spots on the material. Preserving your flooring is a great reason to hire painting contractors, as they have the equipment and expertise to prevent accidents.

Painting your home might seem like an easy job, but there are several common errors that can be easily avoided if you hire painting contractors. However, if professionals aren’t in your budget, these quick fixes should help you in the event of a mishap, so you can still enjoy your paint job without always seeing that drip or spill you made when rushing to get your kids to soccer practice. If you’re set on doing the job yourself, it always helps to be prepared!

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