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4 Great Interior Painting Patterns

Painting Companies in Ottawa Can Add Dimension to Your Home with These Exciting Patterns

Want to take the appearance of your interior painting to a whole new level? Many painting companies in Ottawa are seeing patterns being embraced by homeowners, either as an alternative to solid walls or to complement them.

These patterns can be subtle details that add texture and variety to walls, bold contrasts that delight the senses and rebel against convention, or anything in between. If you’re looking for an exciting new way to have your house painted, these patterns are a great place to start!

Start With Colours

Before you start an interior painting project, it’s essential to pick out your colour scheme, since this will have an incredible impact on the look and feel of the space being painted. When it comes to patterns that potentially combine many colours, this process is even more important and may affect what kind of pattern you settle on.

Do you want bright and playful complementary tones, or a stark contrast that truly stands out? Perhaps you want to work with subtle shifts between two shades of the same colour, creating texture and shape.

Once you’ve settled on a colour scheme, it’s time to choose a pattern—here are some of the most popular:


They’re classic, they’re playful yet simple, and they’re versatile. While horizontal stripes are the most common choice, especially for the way that they make even the smallest rooms feel wider and more open, vertical stripes can easily find a home anywhere from the dining room to the nursery.


A chevron pattern consists of zig-zagging stripes—think of an Easter egg. Because they are evenly spaced and at right angles, it’s best to hire professional Ottawa painting companies to give your walls the chevron treatment, which can range from classy to adventurous (or even both).


Not to be confused with the tile or stitching pattern of the same name, herringbone as a painting pattern is chevron’s even bolder cousin. It’s a pattern of diagonal segments, which can be uniform in colour over a background of another colour, or can come in a variety of colours. Unlike chevron, these diagonals often don’t touch at the joints, and they don’t necessarily have to be even—herringbone is certainly not for the faint of heart!


The easiest way to define ombré is as a gradient that slowly transitions from one colour to another, particularly from a dark colour to a light one. This is not an easy interior painting trick to pull off and takes a lot of skill and experience to get it just right, so if you’re planning on adding an ombré look to your home, call the professionals. A painting company in Ottawa would be more than happy to help you achieve the look you want!

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