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Interior Painters and Fashion

Team Up with Your Residential Painting Company and Colour Your Home for the Summer!

Searching for the right paint can be a painstaking process; do you opt for timeless colours or in-style trends? Should you paint an accent wall, or simply keep your walls all one colour? It’s not just homeowners that can feel the pressure either; even interior painters worry about colour choices, because the colour of your walls can certainly make or break the look of a room. Interior painters often look for colour inspiration from the fashion industry to stay informed on the latest colour trends which, in turn, helps you keep your colours up-to-date and your home looking fresh.

Here are some of the latest colour trends for Summer 2017:

Bold and Warm

Calming colours present an inviting palette that serve as a tribute to nature, capturing the essence of spring and summer and giving the room a sense of tranquility and exploration. Rose and peach shades offer feelings of compassion and friendliness while easing you into a time for relaxation.

Energetic and Serene

Blues maintain a sense of serenity while also promoting a fun and happy vibe, a perfect way to reenergize after a long day at work. Residential painting experts recommend tranquil and airy blues with sea-life inspired energetic blue accents for some contrast. Our experts are also quick to note that these blues pair nicely with the rose and peach shades previously mentioned.

Vibrant and Delicate

Yellow and grey tones mimic the colours of the sun and the clouds—extremely appropriate for the summer! Using a vibrant yellow brings a warm and happy feeling to the room and can also contrast the quieter colours of your home. Grey tones bring a classical feel to any room while offering a distinctive edge when paired with more vibrant and contrasting colours.

If this seems like a lot of information to take in, don’t worry! Interior painters who specialize in residential painting keep up-to-date on all these trends and can offer you fashionable and safe advice when choosing colours for your home. Don’t be afraid to go for bold colour choices. It is easy to tone a room down with versatile room accents whose colours are more toned down. You and your guests will feel the positive and happy vibes of summer all year round with these warm colour choices! Contact an interior painter today and get started on your residential painting project.

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