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DIY Tips From Top Painting Companies

Keep These Considerations in Mind Before Painting at Home

Many painting companies frown upon blogs and websites that emphasize do-it-yourself projects and home renovations. While it may seem as though being self-sufficient can help you save a couple of bucks, it can actually do just the opposite if the work isn’t done properly.

Most of these DIY projects claim that these updates can be achieved with a “quick” coat of paint, but in reality there is more to it than simply buying a brush and a can of paint. Painting a bedroom wall, a shed, or an old piece of furniture may seem like a breeze to the inexperienced, but different surfaces require different conditions and applications to get to job done right.

Some materials are easy to paint over–including wood, since it’s so porous and absorbs paint easily–but other surfaces will require a lot more work. Tile – often used for flooring, or on walls – is especially difficult because it is specifically designed to be stain resistant.

Tile will require a tile-specific primer before you can even think of touching it with paint. Metal is another great example because painting it takes a couple of careful steps, and a particular paint, in order to be applied correctly.

Before painting, metal should be thoroughly scrubbed to get rid of any flakes or chips, and primed with a metal specific paint primer. It should then be ready for painting with a rust-resistant paint.

Professional Tips From Top Painting Companies

When painting metal, most mistakes happen during application. The first few coats will appear quite sheer since paint does not adhere to metal right away, and inexperienced painters may get frustrated and try to make up for this with too many thick layers of paint.

Professional painters on the other hand, know that many thin layers are required for the paint to dry and adhere properly. This is one of the main reasons do-it-yourself projects should be approached with caution.

Instructions often claim that you likely have all the needed materials “around the home”, but the truth is that different materials may require specific types of paint–and not just the paint left over after you paint your bedroom. Whatever you think you’re saving by doing it yourself, you may wind up spending on materials and repairing mistakes.

Interior painting companies in Ottawa will have all necessary paints and primers on hand, and will know when to use them. By hiring a professional painter, you will save yourself time, money, and aggravation. If you’re thinking of updating your home, consider contacting a professional!

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