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House Painting Tips: White Done Right

White Doesn’t Have to Be Boring—Ottawa House Painters Tell You How!

The ultra-chic, showroom quality of a white colour scheme can be inviting, yet intimidating. It’s important to evaluate how such this colour scheme will impact the décor of your home before diving into this house painting project. White is not advised for high activity spaces or families with small children and pets. However, when done right, white tones can create a modern, minimalistic look that enhances textures and contrasts well against bold accent features. Professional Ottawa house painters understand how to effectively use white as a colour scheme in your home, and are here to share their wisdom:

The Full Array of White

The amazing quality that makes white such a statement colour scheme is the fact that our eyes view white as a whole palette of colours. White can change based on light exposure and complementing colours or textures used with it. Whites can be cool with grey, blue, or green undertones that can create crisp, inviting rooms. However, cool whites can also run the risk of being dull and lifeless when misused. On the other hand, warm whites include yellow, beige, or peach undertones that are romantic and soft. Unfortunately, misunderstanding these whites can make your house painting project appear dingy, dirty, or to even lose “whiteness” all together when viewed in the wrong light.

Which White Is for You?

Choose cool whites if you are looking for a crisp, modern look. Cool white lends itself well to minimalistic styles, and is complemented by metal and glass fixtures, as well as sleek lines. However, if you prefer the soft, romantic side of white, look for warm and creamy shades. These whites are best complemented with textures, natural materials such as wood, and traditional or vintage designs.

Enhancing Your White Space

Once you have chosen which white is best for your room, make the best of it with complementary textures, colours, and fixtures. Show off colour accessories in a white kitchen with open concept cupboards that show off boldly-coloured dishware, accent colours on dials or handles, or even bar chairs. Remember that using white for your house painting means that the rest of your décor will draw more attention to itself. Choose accent pieces such as pattern rugs or natural wood, but don’t overdo it. Consider using a custom texture accent wall to create a unique personality for your room.

Using a white-based house painting scheme doesn’t have to feel overwhelming! By working with professional Ottawa house painters, you can be sure that you’ll get the desired effect.

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