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Let Ottawa Painting Make Your Room More Productive

Ottawa Painting Experts Know the Psychology of Colour

A deep red accent wall might be a unique way to make a bold statement in your home, but do you know which room red works best in? The psychology of colour explores the ways we react emotionally to the shades around us and how they energize or soothe.

Ottawa painting contractors know that emotional attachments to colour are universal, but you can also use your own experiences with colours to trigger feelings of well-being, productivity, and comfort. Consider a few ways these colours can be used for your next Ottawa painting project.

Energetic Hues

Red is a bold colour that increases energy, appetite, and even raises your blood pressure! Ottawa painters know that this is the perfect colour for a dining room (think about all the restaurants you eat at with red interior decor). Because red is so stimulating, it is best left out of the bedroom or any other space that you want to be tranquil. But dining rooms and front foyers are great locations to be bold.

For a bright, sunshine-inducing splash, add yellow to entryways, hallways, and small areas that you want to cheer up and chase the darkness away. But beware of letting yellow dominate too much as it can be overstimulating. Yellow can contribute to outbursts of anger or feelings of frustration when used in large amounts. Keep it small and bright.

When you are looking for a burst of energy, orange can motivate you to run that extra mile or complete one more set of reps. Orange is the perfect colour for your exercise space to encourage you like no other personal trainer.

Chilled Out Hues

Where red raises blood pressure, blue lowers it. Blues are known to slow heart rates and perspiration. This calming colour is great for bedrooms and bathrooms where you want to relax and rejuvenate. Be careful about which shade of blue you choose. Lighter blues can seem dingy or dark in areas without much light. If this is your vision, balance this hue with some warm accents for a welcoming oasis.

In rooms where you want to promote comfort and togetherness, turn to greens. Greens are restful and calming in kitchens and living rooms where your family will unwind after a long day of work, school, and all the activities that keep you going.

Neutrals: Beige, Brown, White

Neutral tones are the staple of any interior design project. An all-neutral palette is well blended for a minimalist environment, the true treasure behind these tones is their versatility. They are easily paired with warm and cool hues while also working together. Use them in any room to soften or accentuate any colour scheme.

Your next Ottawa home painting project can easily be boosted and personalized with the right colour for what your room is used for. Let Ottawa painting experts help you discover your perfect colour combination.

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