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Spring—the Perfect Time for House Painting!

Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Exterior Painting Wait until Summer

Now that the snow’s melting and you can finally bear to be outside for more than a few minutes at a time, how’s your house looking? Chances are the moisture and extreme temperature changes have done a number on last year’s exterior painting project, and at the very least a touch-up is needed—if not a total overhaul! Well, spring is upon us now and the time to refresh it is now. Don’t wait until summer; spring is the ideal time for house painting. Here’s why:

The Conditions Are Just Right

You can’t just do exterior painting on any old day. Temperature, humidity, sunlight, and wind all play into it, and each should be in a comfortable range. If you wait for the summer, the heat and sunlight could cause the paint to dry too quickly, and depending on the type of paint you’re using, this could actually dramatically shorten its lifespan! However, on a mild spring day with little more than a light breeze, the conditions are ideal—more so if the day is slightly overcast. For best results, always avoid painting in direct sunlight.

Winter Weather Damages Paint

As we mentioned before, the extreme moisture and temperatures of winter can severely damage your house painting. Paint will swell, peel, and more, and moisture that gets underneath it can cause rot, mold, and other damage to the wall underneath. Once the winter is over, you’ll want to waste absolutely no time in identifying the problem areas, determining risk, and either touching up the paint job or giving it a whole new coat. The longer you wait, the more it could become damaged.

Fight off Those Winter Blues

Apart from leaving your paint peeling and chipped, the snow can also leave it looking dirty and washed out. Why not breathe new life into it—a fresh start for a great spring ahead! It’s also a great opportunity to consider a new colour or shade. Bringing that colour back to your home also boosts your curb appeal, which is particularly valuable if you have any plans to sell your home this summer (but also, just, having a beautiful house is great, so, either way).

It’s a Great Way to Start Spring

Over the next few months, you’ll doubtlessly be gardening, lounging, mowing the lawn, and so much more outside. Doing your exterior painting later could lead to treading through gardens, scattering mulch, and generally just be a pain. Get it done and out of the way, and spend the rest of our warm months focusing on other things.

Get started on your house painting this spring, or call the professionals to do it for you—either way, you’ll be glad you did!

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