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Top 10 Essential Painting Materials and Tools

Ottawa House Painters List the Top 10 Materials for Your Next Painting Project

Painting a room can be an intimidating project. Once you have decided on the new colour for the room, you’re ready to start. Everyone knows you can’t paint without a brush (or roller) and paint. But what else do you need? House painters have put together a list of 10 must-have tools for your next painting project in Ottawa.

Top Painting Tools and Materials

Ladder – This will help you to easily reach the highest corners of the room so you can cover every corner and not miss a spot you couldn’t reach otherwise.

Painters tape – It is very important to line the ceiling, trim, and anything else in the room that can’t be moved or is secured to the wall. This creates clean lines between your wall, trim, and ceiling.

Tarps / drop sheets / cleaning cloths – Tarps and drop sheets can be used to cover the floor and furniture in your work area. House painters also recommend cleaning cloths so you can clean the walls before you start, and wipe up any spill or drips while painting.

Sandpaper – Ottawa painting projects often overlook prepping the walls. Sandpaper is needed to remove gloss finishes and create an even surface for the paint to stick to.

Buckets – A bucket is always help full for painters in the home. You can use them to wash brushes and hold paint (or paint thinner).

Paint thinner – This is often used to clean paint rollers, trays, and brushes at the end of a project. Choose a paint thinner than is specific matched for the style of paint you are using. If you clean your materials properly, they can be reused for the next project and save you some money.

Roller extension pole / cover – If you are using a roller for your next painting project in Ottawa, then you will need to have an extension pole and extra covers. The pole helps you reach high areas and apply paint evenly. The roller covers are what the paint sticks to when they are applied. They vary based on the surface you’re painting, and having a few backups will help your project run smoothly.

Spackle or dry wall mud – Having dry wall mud or spackle on hand is a good idea for any home owner. This allows you to patch any holes or dents in the wall before you start to paint.

Screwdriver – Most home owners have a screwdriver in the house, but painters should have one close by when they start their project. They are a versatile tool that can be used to remove shelving and window treatments, and open paint cans.

Roller trays or grids – If you are using a roller for your paint project you will need to have a paint tray or grid to evenly apply paint to the roller. This helps to avoid drips on the wall and removes excess paint.

With these tools and materials, you will be prepared to tackle any house painting project in Ottawa. No matter how small or big the job is, make sure you have all the proper tools at your disposal for a smooth painting process.

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