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Why Does Exterior Paint Peel?

Painting Companies in Ottawa Set the Record Straight

Winter is wrapping up soon, and it’s time to get ready for spring. While we’re busy thinking about stuffing our winter gear back into the closet, it’s easy to let other spring to-dos fall by the wayside. That’s why it is all too common for Canadians to experience that familiar “Oh what the—” moment when we finally go outside after months of hibernation, and discover our exterior painting has begun to peel and crack.

Our homes exteriors tend to look a little grungy after being beaten up all winter. Some of the most commonly-seen damage is peeling paint. So how do those unsightly paint chips and peels happen?

According to painting companies in Ottawa, the first—and most common—offender is water. Water has this tricky way of sneaking itself into unwanted areas. Be it from leaking pipes and gutters or natural rain and snow, water is slowly hacking away at your home’s exterior painting. No matter how it gets there, the trouble comes when moisture makes its way underneath the coat of paint due to either improper sealing, previous damage, or just natural wear.

Temperatures changes will cause that moisture to change consistencies throughout the day. This causes it to expand and retract, putting pressure on the paint. The water will eventually burst through, causing a chip in the paint, which will then continue to peel.

Another main cause of peeling is the paint itself. Oil-based paint peels more often because it takes longer to set, and depending on the surrounding climate may even not set properly. This allows air and moisture to creep in and create pockets that will eventually crack and peel. Using a latex paint is a common solution to this problem, but even then adding a layer of latex paint to a coat of oil paint can go south for the same reasons if not applied carefully and properly.

That is why the most important step to keeping exterior house paint intact is having it applied properly, and under proper conditions—failing to do so can almost guarantee peeling. There are so many small details that go into house painting that you may not be aware of. For example, if the surface area is not properly cleaned, dirt and debris left on the exterior will not allow the paint to set, making it brittle and susceptible to peeling.

That is why it pays to hire professional painting companies in Ottawa. All the little details such as paint, surface preparation, proper application techniques, and aftercare must be taken into consideration from the get go, or the paint will not last.

Spring is fast approaching, which means it is time to spruce up ourselves, and our homes. Consult with painting companies in Ottawa to see how you can keep your homes exterior paint looking new, and fresh this upcoming spring.

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