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Discover Ten Trade Secrets of Interior Painters

Ottawa Residential Painters Share Some Useful Painting Tips To achieve a lasting, professional-looking job, read our ten interior painters tips and your next paint project will likely be less frustrating, with a quality finish on par with that of Ottawa residential painters.

1. Try to maintain a wet edge to eliminate lap marks: Lap marks appear when wet paint is rolled over an area of partially dried paint. Interior painters suggest maintaining a good working speed and to always slightly overlap paint coats before they dry. 2. Achieve a consistent colour by mixing several paint cans together: If you are painting a large room that requires more than one paint can, mix them together in a large pail ahead of starting your job, since colours can differ slightly from one batch to the next. 3. For sharp edges cut the painters tape loose before removing it: Wait a minimum 24 hours before removing the painters tape to allow for the paint to fully dry. Then carefully cut along the edges with a utility knife. 4. Obey a strict painting order: Stick to an order that most interior painters use. First the trim, then the ceiling and finally—the walls. The reasoning behind this? Ultimately it will save you time since it’s quicker to tape off the trim than the walls. 5. Prime any patched areas: To eliminate blotchy finishes, always apply primer to areas you had patched up prior to painting. Try using a roller and feathering out edges to achieve an even finish. 6. Always clean surfaces before painting: Any Ottawa residential painter will tell you this—thoroughly clean your work area prior to painting to ensure good paint adhesion. If there are holes, fill them and sand the area smooth. 7. Roll close to edges for a consistent paint finish: Brushed paint differs in texture from rolled paint. Interior painters suggest brushing on paint in corners and immediately rolling it out, as close to the edge as possible. 8. Cotton over plastic: Follow the lead of professional interior painters and use a cotton drop cloth instead of plastic. The latter is too slippery and does not soak up spilled paint. Nevertheless, wipe up any larger spills right away to protect the underneath flooring. 9. Feather out paint to avoid lap marks: Where wet edges cannot be maintained Ottawa residential painters suggest to feather out the paint by rolling the nearly dry roller in various directions along the painted edge. This creates a feathered border, which the next paint application covers. 10. Apply multiple coats on trim: To achieve good paint coverage on trims, paint multiple coats. Allow to dry for a minimum 24 hours, then sand the trim for a smoother texture using fine-grit sponges. Did we miss anything? Get in touch with an Ottawa residential painter today to get your questions answered or your project evaluated.

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