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Moving? Hire A Painting Company First!


Why You Should Hire A Painting Company Before You Move Into Or Out Of Your Home

Moving into a new home? A fresh coat of paint before you unpack can refresh your new home’s look and save you time and stress—after all, you haven’t unpacked yet, so there’s nothing to get paint on!

Painting companies also recommend putting a fresh coat of paint on your old home after you’ve packed up your belongings for the same reasons; in fact, some landlords may even request you repaint rooms in a rental when you’re ready to move out.

If you’re planning to move, consider interior painting services for right before you move, so you can benefit from the following:

Fast Service

Painting companies employ professional and experienced painters who will get the work done quickly. Speedy interior painting comes in handy when you’re pressed for time, especially when there are only a few days available for you to paint before or after you move. If you’re leaving a place and need it painted, you can schedule your interior painting services for the day of or the day after your move. Or, if you’re painting your new home and have access to it before moving, hire a painting company to come in a day or two before you move in. Professional painters will get the job done fast so your old or new home can be ready as soon as possible.

Efficient Work

Even though professional painters get the job done quickly, they are still able to do quality work. Painting companies can provide your home with a professional paint job that you probably cannot match yourself. Interior painting services include all of the tasks and painting steps to ensure your home is painted well. Professional painters have an eye for quality painting.


Moving is stressful enough, so having a painting company paint your home means one less thing for you to worry about. Since all of your belongings are packed away right before or after you move, you also don’t have to worry about protecting everything from the paint. If you are able to schedule interior painting services when your belongings are not in the home, that’s even better.


Once your home is painted, it needs to be aired out. Fumes from paint can leave you lightheaded or dizzy if you can’t air out the room, so it is better for your health to avoid being in a freshly-painted home. If you can schedule your painting for while you are not currently living in the home, then you can avoid having to breathe in the harmful paint fumes.

Painting companies recommend putting a fresh coat of paint on your home’s walls soon before or after moving in or out. It can easily help cut down on the stress of a move and leave your new or old home looking good as new!

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