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Interior Painting Trends for 2017

This Year’s Interior Design And House Painting Trends

Each year, interior designers discuss trends for home décor, which include colours for house painting. If you are planning to spruce up your home, here are some of the latest décor trends for interior painting:


Blues make rooms feel calm and relaxing. Whether you want the feel of a beach house or a garden home, blues will give you that serene atmosphere. Blue Heron calls to mind beaches and oceans, so it is perfect for that beach house feel. It complements orange and canary yellow accents by cooling down their brightness. You can include those warm summer colours without being overwhelmed by their intensity. Parma Gray is a lighter shade of blue with lavender, which has a very calming effect. It is versatile, and works well with black or white accents in the room. If you’re going for that garden home look, consider white furniture and bouquets. If you want a more sophisticated look, go for black accents.


Intense green walls with neutral-coloured furnishings (like wood) are in style. This décor is reminiscent of nature and relaxation. Deep Green freshens up a room and works well with many accents. Relentless Olive truly complements wood furnishings for that relaxing cottage feel.


Pinks can liven up a room, or calm down more intense accents, depending on the shade. Salmon Peach is like a pink sunset. When accented with black furniture, it’s reminiscent of the Art Deco period, which provides a cosmopolitan décor. Cameo Pink is light, with coral and beige. It works well with vibrant patterns by calming them down.


Purples are also calming colours, and are very versatile. Spring Lilac is soothing, and works well with espresso, brown patterns, and animal prints. Brinjal is a deep eggplant purple, recommended for an office, library, or entryway. This rich, luxurious colour pairs well with yellow accents.


Teals are versatile paint colours. Pacific Ocean Blue goes well with white accents and wood furniture. Rainstorm is a deep blue that complements brass, gold, and animal prints—if you’re going for that luxurious and glamourous look. It is recommended for an entryway, office, library, or powder room.


Whites might sound boring, but they are the most versatile, room-brightening paint colours. If you’re ever unsure of a colour, any interior painting expert will advise you to go with white. Both 2016 Colors of the Year for Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paints are whites—Simply White and Alabaster White, respectively.


Yellows are warm and work well with many accents. Corn Silk is a soft, pale yellow, and is perfect for bedrooms because it’s reminiscent of waking up to the warm sun. Funky Yellow is bright, warm, and very versatile. It is recommended for garden rooms and breakfast nooks, and works well with grey, taupe, plum, mauve, and burgundy accents.

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