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Interior Paint Colours To Avoid

When Painting Your Home’s Interior, Keep Away From These Tones

There has been a lot of discussion about the best colours to paint your home with, but not a lot on colours you should avoid. Some of these colours might surprise you; after all, they look great in clothing or on paper.. According to colour psychology and interior designers, though, these colours make people feel worse. If you’re still unsure about colour choice after reading this list, consult the interior painting services experts. They are well informed on the latest interior painting trends and can steer you in the right direction—away from the colours that will bring you down.

Bright Reds and Yellows

Some bright colours will take over a room and overwhelm people. Bright reds and yellows are seen as aggressive colours that can be very imposing in a room, making people feel anxious. If you must have reds or yellows, go for the softer shades.

Dusty Pink Pastels

Dusty pink pastels are the opposite of bright—they’re muted and tame— and they can leave a room feeling sterile and lifeless, like no one has been in the room for decades. For soft pastel colours, go for yellows, greens, or blues.


Since orange is a bright warm colour, it can be used, but only in a small area of your home since it is difficult to decorate with. You probably shouldn’t paint your entire living room or rec room orange, unless you’re going for a retro ‘70s look.


Peach is an interior painting faux pas. It’s overwhelming, hard to decorate with, and it can bring down people’s moods. Guests will probably become irritated and sad if they are stuck in a peach-coloured room for too long.

The Worst Colour

The ugliest colour was recently discovered in colour psychology research. This colour, along with the other worst paint colours mentioned above, are discussed in this article. Called Opaque Couche, the ugliest colour known to humankind is a dark mixture of brown and green, and it causes people to feel depressed. The name alone is depressing. A quick translation of the name could be “murky sleep.” Unless you want to feel like you’re sleeping in a murky swamp, stay away from this colour.

If some of these colours happen to be your favourite, though, and you have trouble passing them up, try painting one wall in a room that isn’t used often before painting your entire living room a colour that you might regret. Also, don’t hesitate to consult with the experts from interior painting services for a second opinion.

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