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Inspiration To Open Up Any Room

Get The Most Out Of Your Home In Your Next Residential Painting Project

Painting a home can be a very personal thing, and with every brushstroke, you are imbuing a room with a sense of purpose and personality. Oftentimes, the best rooms will create the feeling that they are bigger than really are. Making small rooms feel more spacious is a great asset, both as a way to open up a room for your use or as a feature when you’re looking to sell. Residential painting experts will tell you that the right colour combination can make even the smallest rooms in your home appear big. Here are some colour schemes and tips to open up any space in your next house painting project:

Don’t Worry About White

Although white can sometimes feel clinical and uninviting, white rooms will always feel larger than other colours. White goes with everything, and can also stand up to darker and bolder furniture colour choices. Residential painting experts are quick to point out too that white serves as a perfect tone to offset a bolder accent wall without making it feel like the space is closing in around you.

Windows And Mirrors:

Natural light is your friend in house painting projects. It can brighten up a room and give it that airy feel you’ve always wanted. Natural light will also enhance softer hues, such as light blues, giving them a soft but vibrant look throughout the space. Including mirrors in the room will also add to the feeling that a space is larger than it really is. Don’t go overboard on the mirrors – a well-placed one can really tie a room together.

Patterns And Stripes

Using patterns and stripes can really open up a space. Horizontal stripes elongate any room, giving it a spacious feel without worry about tearing down walls. Patterns can also draw the eyeline and bring attention to key locations in a room, which can add to the sense of space. Try and experiment in your house – painting stripes and patterns in one room can give potential buyers an idea of how they can model the rest of the house.

These are just a few ideas you can work with in your next house painting project to open up any room you decide to paint. Giving the illusion of space is a major plus in any seller’s scenario, and all it takes is a fresh coat of paint, a bit of know-how, and access to natural light. If you’re at all curious as to how you could open up your living space, don’t hesitate to contact a local residential painting team today!

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