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Minimalist Design Tips by Ottawa Residential Painters

Painting Contractors Challenge You to Think beyond Black and White

When minimalistic design is discussed, the colours black and white often come to mind. It still holds true that this contrast is a popular choice, especially in kitchens and modern homes. However, Ottawa residential painters have some other minimalistic design ideas for you to consider:

Introduce Rich Accent Colours

Add some flavour to your contemporary ambiance. Minimalism can easily be seen as boring monotony, so make it fun and colourful! Painting contractors encourage you to enhance your minimalist design with rich colours, such as burnt orange, red, or eggplant. Why not paint an accent wall in a daring colour to achieve a dramatic visual effect in your home?

Pick Neutrals Instead of Whites

Painting contractors often see plain, old white walls as the default choice for many homes—but there are so many more choices. Neutral paint colours, for example, have a more calming effect than whites. The choices that Ottawa’s residential painters can provide you with are endless. Consider incorporating neutral colours in your living room, kitchen, foyer, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Create a Focal Point

Ottawa residential painters suggest transforming your room by creating a focal point. This can easily be done by adding an accent colour or by painting a trim as your point of focus. Highlight your favourite décor piece and consider switching it up seasonally to reflect the latest colour trends. Pick a dramatic accent colour and paint your floating shelves, for example, or the mantel of your fireplace. It’s a small change with big impact.

Experiment with Geometric Wall Decorations

You may also be interested in experimenting with shapes. Abstract minimalist painted wall art can have quite the effect on a room, whether you decide on geometric shapes or other patterns. Choose your colours wisely, and consult with your painting contractors how best to achieve clean paint edges. Ottawa residential painters may also be able to produce a digital rendering of your space, which will help you visualize your space and make your colour choices easier.

Have fun with your minimalistic design, and find the courage to experiment with colours and ideas! If you’re still not entirely sure how to transform your place or where to get started, contact your local painting contractors today for a free consultation and estimate.

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