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Things to Consider When Repainting Your Restaurant’s Exterior

At Axcell Painting we do a ton of work for the Restaurant industry. Here are a few things to consider when repainting any restaurant (kind of a niche post but please share with your local establishment)!

Ottawa Painters Weigh In

There’s a lot to think about when getting exterior painting done for your restaurant because the impact is not merely aesthetic. The look and design of your restaurant – inside and out – can have a direct effect on your business’ overall success. As they say, ‘people eat with their eyes first’ and this correlates to more than just the food on their plates. Ottawa painters know the difference a fresh coat of exterior paint can make – but doing it correctly is another thing. Here are a few things you should consider:


When it comes to exterior painting, choosing the right materials for the job is crucial; since the paint must withstand the elements every day, it needs to be durable enough resist peeling, cracking, and fading. Choosing professional Ottawa painters for your next paint job can help you save time, and even money, in choosing the most durable and weather resistant materials for your building and budget. After all, if you’re going to invest money into a renovation it’s important to make sure it will last.


Having to close your business during renovations costs you revenue. This makes it even more important to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Professionals can work with you to create a schedule and timeline to make sure any exterior painting is completed with as few interruptions to your business as possible.


Choosing the colour and design is a huge part of the exterior painting process. When it comes to a restaurant property, your colour scheme needs to be not only appealing to the eye, but also to the stomach! There is actually some psychology behind the colours of some of the most popular restaurants, for example, the colours red and yellow help stimulate appetite and appeal to primal food desires. This is why they are frequently used in casual or fast food-type settings. For a more upscale appearance, experienced painters will typically apply toned down colours, such as forest green or maroon, in order to portray a feeling of elegance.

Overall, the exterior colour should be consistent with the décor and menu of your restaurant.

When done properly, a fresh coat of exterior paint can revive the look and feel of your restaurant.

By choosing a professional to complete your next exterior painting job, you’ll help eliminate a lot of the guess work that can be involved in a DIY project. As a result, you’ll end up saving time, money, and effort. Which in turn just means – you can get back to doing what you do best – running your business.

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