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Why Grey Wins for Interior Painting

Interior Painting Business Dishes on a Surprisingly Diverse Colour Palette

White, ivory, beige, brown, and grey—what do these colours have in common? They’re all considered neutral colours when it comes to interior painting. However, many people shy away from grey because they either think it’s too boring, or think it will make their house look too dark inside. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Grey is versatile, matches every colour in your house, and can make other colours pop in a way that no other neutral can. Any interior painting business will tell you grey is a one of the best choices for any room in your home.

Making Bright Colours Even Brighter

Grey isn’t usually anyone’s favourite colour. Most people will say theirs is red, purple, blue, pink, or any other bright or fun colour. Because of this, many people want to paint their homes with these bright colours, but dark, bright, or overly vibrant colours are usually very overwhelming in the home—something that is often not discovered until the paint is already on the walls! If you like bright colours, consider restricting them to accents and decorative elements. Grey walls will make them pop in a way white or beige walls cannot. You an also paint an accent wall in another colour and paint the other three walls the shade of grey that best complements it.

The Hidden Depths of Grey

Grey comes in a lot of shades, ranging from very light to almost black, many with deep undertones that suggest complex colours hiding just beneath the surface. If you want to accent a room with yellow, a medium to darker shade of grey will match yellow perfectly. If you like purple, choose a lighter shade of grey when painting your home’s interior walls. Blue can match with either dark or light grey, but you may want to paint stripes of the two colours side by side on the wall to see how they will look together first. Speaking of which…

Try It out First

Any interior painting business will tell you that it is a good idea to put your painting ideas to the test before committing to a colour. If you hire an interior painting business to paint for you, they will help you with this. If you want to paint a couple rooms in your house yourself, when you go to the paint store, ask them for an eight-ounce sample can of the colour you want. Some stores will charge a nominal fee for these or give them to you for free. Paint the colours side by side on one wall and step back to look at it. There are some websites and smart phone apps that will help with this as well.

Grey is far from boring. If you’re still not convinced, try it for yourself—we dare you not to fall in love with this unexpectedly beautiful interior painting palette.

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