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Liven up Your Home with Exterior House Painting

For one reason or another, you’re not satisfied with the look of your house. Maybe that colour that was on it when you moved in just doesn’t match your personality. Or maybe that colour you painted it years ago has started to look terribly outdated. It’s even possible that the current paint job has started to peel, crack, and fade, and to keep your house looking like a home, it needs a little love and upkeep. What matters is, you’re taking on an exterior house painting project this spring. Before you start house painting, though, make sure you have the following essentials figured out. If you’re ever stuck, or think that you may be biting off more than you can chew, you can call on a professional exterior house painting service for help. Colours that work There are a lot of considerations that will factor into your choice of colour. The most important may be your own unique personality. Your house is an extension of who you are, and so you want it to look like your home, not someone else’s. However, you should also consider the architecture, and the look of your neighbourhood. Certain architecture styles, like Victorian, may work better with brighter colours, while modern homes are better suited to neutral tones. And of course there’s nothing wrong with standing out in your neighbourhood and being the envy of your neighbours – but sometimes being the odd one out can make your home appear strange and out-of-place, so exercise discretion. Schedule your paint job Once you’ve got your colour picked out, and you’ve cleaned the surface of your home, taking care of any structural damage and stripping cracked paint away, now it’s time to start. Or is it? Weather and sunlight are both important factors. Consider starting your exterior house painting on the cool, shaded side of your house if possible. Too much light or heat while your paint dries can create blistering and flaking in your new paint coat. If you see that there is a rain-free overcast day in the near future, then that may be a great time to start house painting! Before you begin house painting, make sure you have enough paint, a ladder (and a friend to hold the ladder still), brushes and rollers, and painting clothes. This last item can be anything from actual coveralls to simply old and unwanted jeans and shirts. To save time, make sure you have both your brush and your roller within reach at every stage. This way you can colour large swaths with the roller and immediately fill in corners and hard-to-reach places with the brush. And most importantly, stay hydrated, stay safe, and have fun!

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