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Sell Faster With Fresh Paint

Painting Companies Share What Colours Work Best When You’re Looking To Sell

Curb appeal is a huge part of the process of selling your home, for better or for worse. On the one hand, you need a welcoming, inviting, and eye-catching property; on the other, bold styles can turn off potential buyers. Painting companies understand this challenge all too well, and have insight and expertise to offer when it comes to exterior painting for your home before you sell.

Painting companies recommend these tones and colours when updating your home’s exterior so you can sell quickly:


The human eye is naturally drawn to light, and white surfaces are no exception. A home perpetually stuck in the shade will really benefit from a coat of white paint; it’ll make the building seem larger while drawing in more light. You can also add a bit of subtle “pop” to a home with a carefully selected trim colour—make sure it’s noticeable, but not too bold, and your home will really stand out!

Neutral Tones

They’re not bright, but they’re not dark, either—neutral tones are somewhere in between, and are more common on newer homes. Here’s a tip: if you want a neutral tone that’s ahead of the curve, take a look at new housing developments in your area and match their exterior painting tones. If you’re looking to set your own style, and not chase another, tans, clay tones, grays, and beiges can easily be combined and used as accents to create a look that’s all your own.

Dark Hues

Heavier, darker, richer tones are commonly found in older established neighbourhoods. Think of all the times you’ve walked or driven through these places; white or beige seem almost too bold or out of place next to these colours. A lot of older, more traditional homes come in deep blues, warm reds, or rich browns. These colours are bold in their own right, but still manage to come across as subdued and welcoming.

Of course, as much as you can rely on these colour choices for quality results, there’s one tip that can’t be stressed enough:

Know Your Neighbourhood

Your home and your neighbourhood should inform the colour you choose for interior painting more than anything else when you’re looking to sell. As mentioned earlier, a home with modern colours in a more traditional neighbourhood will stand out, and not in a good way. As much as it might suit your personal style, remember that you’re trying to cater to would-be buyers, and plan accordingly.

Keep this in mind when you start your exterior painting project, and you’ll have a good idea of what’s going to look good and what’ll sell. But if you have any doubts, always remember that you can contact local painting companies to take advantage of their expertise and experience.

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