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Bold Colour Choices to Make People Notice

Express Yourself with Exterior House Painting

Want your house to stand out on the block? Here are some bold house colour choices for homeowners who want to make a statement with their house painting.

Painting Brick Exterior

Homeowners usually choose brick because of its durability and built-in color, never intending to make any changes. However, painting the brick on the exterior of your home can be a terrific way to make your house pop. If you decide to go this route, consider the following:

Chipped or damaged brick should not be painted.

It should be repainted every three to five years, according to the Brick Industry Association.

If you change your mind, it can be difficult to remove paint from brick.

Adding Bright Roof Colours

Adding exterior colour to the roof is usually a safe choice. Why not ramp it up by painting the roof a bright colour? It can change the entire look of your home. Some things to keep in mind before you buy a few gallons of fuchsia or neon yellow paint:

Painting the roof is more permanent than changing the colour of your walls.

An expert can help you choose the right colour scheme.

The roof should be clean before you get started.

Colourful Trim And Doors

Say goodbye to boring black and brown doors and hello to green, orange, or blue. House painting can boost your curb appeal and make your front entry more inviting. Fortunately, it is easier to experiment with door colours if you change your mind. If you’re making your door a focal point:

Pick a colour that complements the feel of your home.

Mute a too-bright door with glaze.

Add a strip of crown molding for extra flair.

Exterior House Painting Do’s and Don’ts

Do examine colour samples outside to get the best idea of how they will look on the exterior of your home.

Do paint a small area of the body, trim, and accent colours first so you can see how they appear together.

Do consider the amount of sun your home gets on a daily basis. If the sun is too intense it can wash out the colours you paint.

Don’t accent elements that shouldn’t stand out, such as uneven windows and gutters.

Don’t pick a colour that clashes with neighbouring houses.

Don’t ignore landscaping. Will trees and flowers change colours? Is the area heavily wooded?

You can use colour to create all types of moods with house painting. Experimenting with exterior paint colours is a great way to give your home personality.

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