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An Ottawa Painting Company’s Advice for Painting Your Bedroom

When It Comes to House Painting, the Colour of Your Bedroom Is Important

When you are painting your house, choosing the right paint colours is more important than you may think. Colour can affect how you feel, how you sleep, or even make you want to stay somewhere longer. If you are painting your bedroom, it is especially important to choose the right colour because you want that room to feel relaxing and help you to sleep. A bedroom is a place to wind down and your paint colour should reflect that. If you are unsure of how to go about painting or choosing the right colours, call a good painting company in Ottawa to find a professional painter and get some good advice. Why do the colours matter? Did you know some fast food restaurants use yellow paint because this colour tends to irritate people? They use it as a tactic to get their customers out the door faster. Blue and purple can apparently make people feel less hungry. The next time you go to a buffet restaurant, pay attention to the paint colours! When you are looking at colour for your bedroom, you may really like certain colours, but some just won’t be a good choice. Yellow may be your absolute favourite colour, but as mentioned before, it is known to be an irritant. If you really love it, try using it as an accent colour in your bedroom instead of having it as the main colour. Another colour that is a favourite for many people is red, but this one is known to stimulate the appetite. That is probably the last thing anyone wants as they get ready for bed! What are the best colours for a bedroom? When it comes to house painting, blue and green are the best colours for a bedroom, hands down, and blue is the absolute best colour. They are both calming colours, but in sleep studies, blue came out the winner. The people in the study felt better and slept longer in rooms painted blue. Green came in second, but is still a great choice for a bedroom. If you want to paint your daughter’s room pink, don’t worry – it is also a good choice for a bedroom colour. What if you like the other colours better? The so-called “bad” colours can still be used in your bedroom, but you will want to use them in moderation and they will still have to work around the main colour scheme. This is why it is important to call an Ottawa painting company to help you with your house painting project. They are the professionals and know how to tie certain colours together.

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